Sunday School

Join us on Sunday Mornings for Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School is a vital part of discipleship at EBMC, providing systematic Bible teaching from a young age. Although class styles vary with the teacher, the smaller group setting fosters the sharing of prayer needs and building relationships. Sunday School groups offer a place to fellowship, learn, and serve together. It’s also a personal setting where friends and neighbors can come with someone they know, while they get to know our church family.

Wesley Wilson ~ Sunday School Superintendent

Nursery (Infant – 2)

Taking care of your little ones while you attend services or Sunday School is a privilege we hold dear! We will cuddle, rock, or get down in the floor and play to keep your baby or toddler content. Keeping them happy and safe while you worship and learn is our goal and we appreciate your trust.

Teresa Armstrong ~ Nursery Teacher

Beginners Class (Ages 3-5)

It is my privilege to be one of the teachers for the Primary Sunday school class. We are systematically working through the Bible, beginning with the Genesis account of creation. It is very exciting for the kids to sing songs and do crafts each week. It has been a privilege to lead some of them to Christ and we pray each one will accept Jesus as their personal savior!! 

Gwen Connors ~ Beginners Sunday School Teacher

Primary Sunday School (Ages 6-9)

The primary class is for first- through fourth-graders who love stories! We especially love our Bible stories! We pray together, learn together, develop character together, and generally learn to live like modern-day disciples of Jesus! Students enjoy playing learning games and doing occasional contests through the week. You should come and be a part of our lively, learning, growing class!

Megan Barker ~ Primary Sunday School Teacher

Junior Sunday School (Ages 10-13)

The junior class is a fun and exciting place to visit. We learn different principles from the Bible that we can live by. We have taken the example of different people in the Bible-Sampson, Jonah, Deborah and many more and learned what they did right and what they did wrong. We have Bible trivia, sword drills, and different Bible games to teach how to find facts of the Bible and books of the Bible. And most of all, teaching how God loves and forgives.

Melanie Braisted ~ Junior Sunday School Teacher

Youth School Sunday School (Ages 14-19)

In our Teen Sunday School class, we strive to know and apply God’s Word each time we meet. We aren’t afraid to tackle the tough issues that teens face every day. We seek to build a biblical foundation that each young person can take with them daily. Our ultimate goal is to be passionate followers of Christ.

Ken Harms ~ Youth Sunday School Teacher

Young Married Fellowship

The Young Married Fellowship class revolves around the Acts 2:42 model. We gather to study God’s Word, fellowship with one another and pray together, all while enjoying a light breakfast. We see the need of developing deep spiritual connections, and this is a great place that it’s happening.

Jim Stanley ~ Young Married Fellowship

Growing Believers Class

Bible study is necessary for Christian growth. The purpose of the Growing Believers Sunday School Class is to fulfill that need for interested adults. The class emphasizes: 1) The application of the Scriptures to every day life and 2) The passing on of Bible truth to our children and grandchildren. Come join with us!

William French ~ Growing Believers Class